DPS Meeting, Madison, October 1998
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Session 40P. Comets I, II, III

Contributed Poster Session, Wednesday, October 14, 1998, 5:10-6:10pm, Hall of Ideas

40P.09 Investigating Strength and Possible Chemical Heterogeneity of Active Regions on Comet Halley
L. M. Carter (U. Illinois), N. H. Samarasinha, M. J. S. Belton (NOAO), W. H. Julian (NMSU)
40P.10 HCN and CO Emission in comet C/1997 N1 (Tabur)
M. Spinar, M. Womack, M. Goldschen (St. Cloud State Univ.)
40P.11 A Time-Dependent Model of Cometary Molecular Sulphur Fluorescence Spectra
G. Moreels, C. Laffont, J. Clairemidi (Observatoire de Besancon), D. C. Boice (National Astronomical Observatory Japan)
40P.12 Modelling cometary outgassing from radio observations
Marcus Gunnarsson (Uppsala Astronomical Observatory)
40P.13 New results of cometary imaging in the Konkoly Observatory
J. Kelemen (Konkoly Observatory)
40P.14 Orbit Dynamics in the Comet Environment
D.J. Scheeres (Iowa State University), F. Marzari (University of Padova)
40P.15 Laboratory Synthesis of Alcohols and Formic Acid from CO in Astrophysical Ice Analogues: Support for Molecular Formation in the Solid Phase
R. L. Hudson (Eckerd College), M. H. Moore (NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center)

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