DPS Meeting, Madison, October 1998
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Session 32P. Jupiter II

Contributed Poster Session, Wednesday, October 14, 1998, 5:10-6:10pm, Hall of Ideas

32P.11 Comparing Voyager, Galileo and ISO 5 micron spectra of Jupiter: new constraints on the vertical tropospheric cloud structure in hot spot regions.
M. Roos-Serote (Observatorio Astronomico de Lisboa, Portugal), P. Drossart, Th. Encrenaz (Observatoire de Paris-Meudon, France), R. W. Carlson, F. Leader (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA)
32P.12 Survey of Galileo UVS Feature-Track Spectra of Jupiter
W. R. Pryor (LASP/U. of Colorado), R. A. West (JPL), W. K. Tobiska (FDC/JPL), K. E. Simmons, A. I. F. Stewart (LASP/U. of Colorado), G. R. Gladstone (SWRI), J. Adams, D. A. Miller (LASP/U. of Colorado)
32P.13 Radiative-hydrodynamic Modeling of the SL-9 Plume Infall
D. Deming (NASA/GSFC), J. Harrington (Cornell Univ.)
32P.14 Temporal Behavior Of Ammonia In The Jovian Stratosphere Following The SL9 Impacts
K.E. Fast, T. A. Livengood (University of Maryland at NASA/GSFC), T. Kostiuk, D. Buhl, F. Espenak, P. N. Romani (NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center), A. L. Betz, R. T. Boreiko (University of Colorado, Boulder)
32P.15 Calculations of D-Lyman-\alpha airglow in the thermosphere of Jupiter
C. D. Parkinson, E. Griffioen, J. C. McConnell (York University, Toronto, Ontario), L. Ben-Jaffel (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris, Paris, France), G. R. Gladstone (Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX 78238)
32P.16 Temporal Variations in the Jovian Dayglow: Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope Spectra from the Astro-1 and Astro-2 Missions
B.C. Wolven, P.D. Feldman (The Johns Hopkins University)
32P.17 Observation of short and long timescale variability of the jovian UV aurora
D. Grodent, J. -C. G\'erard, V. Dols (LPAP-ULg), J. T. Clarke, G. E. Ballester (SPRL-Michigan)
32P.18 Comprehensive study of the FUV Jovian aurorae with HST/FOC
R. Prang\'e (IAS, Orsay, France), D. Rego (UCL, London, UK), J. E. P. Connerney (NASA/GSFC), P. Zarka, J. Queinnec (DESPA, Obs. Meudon, France)
32P.19 Jovian Auroral Ly\alpha Self-Reversals: A Window on Jupiter's Auroral Electrojet?
G. R. Gladstone, J. H. Waite, Jr. (SwRI), J. -C. G\'erard (U. Liege)
32P.20 Identifying deep clouds on Jupiter using Galileo images
D. Banfield, P. J. Gierasch (Cornell), A. P. Ingersoll, A. R. Vasavada (Caltech)
32P.21 HST-STIS Observations of Jupiter's Aurora
J. T. Clarke (Univ. of Michigan), J. Ajello (JPL), G. E. Ballester (Univ. of Michigan), L. Ben-Jaffel (IAP - Paris), J. E. P. Connerney (NASA - GSFC), J. -C. G\'erard (Univ. of Liege), G. R. Gladstone (SwRI), W. R. Pryor (Univ. of Colorado), K. Tobiska, J. T. Trauger (JPL), J. H. Waite (SwRI)
32P.22 Jovian Lightning from Galileo Images
A. P. Ingersoll, A. R. Vasavada, S. M. Milkovich (Caltech), B. Little (ITRES Research, Calgary), P. J. Gierasch, D. Banfield (Cornell), Galileo SSI Team
32P.23 Jupiter Polar Orbiter: An Investigation of Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere Coupling at Jupiter
M. Dibiasi (L. Diabiasi Associates), W. S. Lewis, J. H. Waite (Southwest Research Institute), B. H. Mauk (Applied Physics Laboratory)
32P.24 Modeling Jupiter's Synchrotron Emission
S. J. Bolton, S Levin, M.J. Klein, S Gulkis (JPL), R.M. Thorne (UCLA), J. H. Waite (SWRI), Y Leblanc (CNRS-URA), G. A. Dulk (U. Colorado), R. J. Sault (ATNF)
32P.25 Observation and Analysis of Jupiter Millisecond Radiobursts
Helmut O. Rucker, Mohammed Y. Boudjada (Space Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Graz, Austria), Alain Lecacheux (Observatoire de Paris Meudon, Paris, France), Patrick H. Galopeau (Centre d'Etude des Environnements Terr. et Planet., CNRS, Velizy, France), Boris P. Ryabov (Institute of Radioastronomy, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Kharkov, Ukraine)
32P.26 Changes in the Rotational Beaming Curve of Jupiter's Synchrotron Emission
M.J. Klein, S. J. Bolton, S. Gulkis, S.M. Levin (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

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