DPS Meeting, Madison, October 1998
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Session 32. Jupiter II

Contributed Oral Parallel Session, Wednesday, October 14, 1998, 3:40-5:10pm, Madison Ballroom D

32.01 High-Resolution Observations of Jupiter's 300-mbar Temperature Field by the PPR Experiment from Galileo's Europa-16 Orbit
G. Orton, L. K. Tamppari, B. M. Fisher, J. Friedson, T. Martin (JPL), L. D. Travis (NASA/GISS)
32.02 HST/NICMOS Observations of the Jovian Atmosphere
D. M. Kuehn (Physics Dept., Pittsburg State U.), N. J. Chanover, A. A. Simon, R. F. Beebe (Astronomy Dept., New Mexico State U.)
32.03 The Merger of White Ovals BC and DE
A. A. Simon (New Mexico State University)
32.04 A High-Resolution, 3-D Model of the Great Red Spot
J. Y-K. Cho (Caltech), M. de la Torre Ju\'arez (JPL/NRC), A. P. Ingersoll (Caltech)
32.05 Entrainment in the Galileo Probe Site Downdraft
M. H. Wong, S. K. Atreya (Univ. Michigan), P. N. Romani (NASA GSFC)
32.06 The Effect of Gravity Waves on Jupiter's Middle Atmosphere
R. V. Yelle, L. A. Young (Boston University), R. E. Young (NASA Ames Research Center)
32.07 Heating of Jupiter's Thermosphere by Dissipation of Gravity Waves Due to Molecular Viscosity and Heat Conduction
K. I. Matcheva, D. F. Strobel (Johns Hopkins University)
32.08 Can gravity waves heat Jupiter's thermosphere?
L. A. Young, R. V. Yelle (Boston University , Center for Space Physics), R. E. Young (NASA Ames Research Center)
32.09 Simple models of SL-9 impact plumes in flight
J. Harrington (Cornell), D. Deming (NASA/GSFC)
32.10 Comet Dust Migration in Jupiter's Stratosphere
R. A. West, A. J. Friedson (JPL)

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