DPS Meeting, Madison, October 1998
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Session 23P. Extrasolar Planets

Contributed Poster Session, Wednesday, October 14, 1998, 3:50-5:20pm, Hall of Ideas

23P.10 High Resolution Spectra of CO and CI in the Beta Pictoris Circumstellar Disk
A. Roberge, P.D. Feldman, J.B. McPhate, J.H. Debes (JHU), A.M. Lagrange (Groupe d'Astrophysique de Grenoble), A. Vidal-Madjar (IAP), A. Jolly (Obs. de Paris-Meudon)
23P.11 The Kepler Mission, A Search for Habitable Planets: Concept, Capabilities and Strengths
D. Koch, W. Borucki, J. J. Lissauer (NASA Ames Reseacrh Center), E. W. Dunham (Lowell Observatory), J. Jenkins (SETI Institute)

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