DPS Meeting, Madison, October 1998
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Session 21. Planetary Formation and Dynamics

Contributed Oal Parallel Session, Tuesday, October 13, 1998, 2:00-3:40pm, Madison Ballroom D.

21.01 Large particles in young circumstellar discs
H. B. Throop (Colorado / LASP), J. Bally (Colorado / CASA), L. W. Esposito (Colorado / LASP), M. J. McCaughrean (Astrophys. Inst. Potsdam)
21.02 Characterizing the Warp in Two Planet Exo-solar System Disk Models
E. K. Holmes, S. F. Dermott, M. C. Wyatt (University of Florida)
21.03 Growing Jupiter the Hard Way
S. J. Weidenschilling (Planetary Science Institute)
21.04 Late Stage Accretion of the Terrestrial Planets
C. Agnor (University of Colorado), R. M. Canup, H. F. Levison (Southwest Research Institute)
21.05 Evolution of a terrestrial multiple moon system
R. M. Canup, H. F. Levison (Southwest Research Institute)
21.06 Tidal Despinning Timescales in the Solar System
C.F. Chyba (SETI Institute and Stanford University), P. J. Thomas (U. Wisconsin, Eau Claire)
21.07 How Special is Earth's Orbit?
J.E. Chambers (Armagh Observatory)
21.08 Modelling the Diversity of Outer Planetary Systems
J. J. Lissauer (NASA Ames Research Center), H. F. Levison (Southwest Research Institute), M. J. Duncan (Queen's University)
21.09 Giant planet orbital migration in the early Solar system
R Malhotra (LPI)
21.10 Radial Migration of Planets Embedded in a Massive Planetesimal Disk
J.M. Hahn, R. Malhotra (LPI)

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