DPS Meeting, Madison, October 1998
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Session 17P. Rings I, II

Contributed Poster Session, Tuesday, October 13, 1998, 4:15-5:20pm, Hall of Ideas

17P.07 Measurements of transport coefficients of granular gases using computer simulations
O. Petzschmann (University of Potsdam, Germany), M. Sremcevic (University of Belgrad, Yugoslavia), J. Schmidt, F. Spahn (University of Potsdam, Germany)
17P.08 Vertical Distribution of Temperature and Density in a Planetary Ring
J. Schmidt, F. Spahn, O. Petzschmann (Universitaet Postsdam, Germany), Heikki Salo (University of Oulu, Finland)
17P.09 The Scattering Law of Spinning Particles in Planetary Rings
S. Araki (Hofstra University)
17P.10 Hubble Space Telescope (HST) observations of Saturn's inner satellites during the 1995 ring--plane crossings
C. A. McGhee, P. D. Nicholson (Cornell University), R. G. French (Wellesley College), K. J. Hall (Swarthmore College)
17P.11 Collisional Simulations of Wakes at the Encke Gap
M. C. Lewis, G. R. Stewart (University of Colorado)
17P.12 Hubble Space Telescope Observations of Saturn's Rings: The Opposition Effect
Richard G. French (Wellesley C.), Daniel Graham (Middlebury C.), Jeff Cuzzi, Luke Dones, Jack J. Lissauer (NASA/Ames)
17P.13 Thermal IR Spectral Imaging of Saturn's Rings
Theodor Kostiuk (NASA/GSFC), C. M. Lisse, T. A. Livengood (UMD/GSFC), H. U. Kaufl (ESO)

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