DPS Meeting, Madison, October 1998
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Session 16. Asteroid Discovery and Classification

Contributed Oral Parallel Session, Tuesday, October 13, 1998, 9:00-10:40am, Madison Ballroom D

16.01 The case for asteroid sample return
D. W. G. Sears (University of Arkansas)
16.02 Relating S-Asteroids and Ordinary Chondrite Meteorites: The New Big Picture
R. P. Binzel, S. J. Bus, T. H. Burbine (Dept. Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences, MIT)
16.03 The Case for Asteroid Searches at Small Solar Elongations
R. J. Whiteley, D. J. Tholen (Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii)
16.04 Results From NEO Searches At Small Solar Elongation
D. J. Tholen, R. J. Whiteley (Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii)
16.05 Infrared Detection and Characterization of Near Earth Objects
M.P. Egan, S.D. Price (AFRL/VSBC), E.F. Tedesco (TSI)
16.06 Discovery of Aten Asteroids: Visual Ground-Based vs. Infrared Space-Based
E.F. Tedesco (TSI), K. Muinonen (Univ. Helsinki), S.D. Price, M.P. Egan (AFRL/VSBC)
16.07 Results from the Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR) Project
G.H. Stokes, H.E.M. Viggh, F.L. Shelly, M.S. Blythe, J.S. Stuart (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)
16.08 The Table Mountain Photometric Survey of Near-Earth Asteroids
D. L. Rabinowitz, M. D. Hicks (JPL/Caltech)
16.09 Catalogs of Asteroidal Occultation Observations and Stars
D. W. Dunham (JHU-APL\&IOTA), D. Faust (CMU), W.H. Warren (RatheonSTX\&IOTA), I. Sato (Nat'l Obs, Japan), E. Goffin (Agfa-Gevaert), M. Soma (Nat'l Obs, Japan)
16.10 The new baseline for the Rosetta asteroid science
M. Fulchignoni (Paris 7 Univ.), M.A. Barucci, A. Doressoundiram, E. Dotto (DESPA, Paris Obs.)

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