DPS Meeting, Madison, October 1998
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Session 11P. Mars Atmosphere I, II, III, IV

Contributed Poster Session, Monday, October 12, 1998, 4:10-5:30pm, Hall of Ideas

11P.06 MGS TES Results: Characterization of the Martian Atmospheric Thermal Structure
B. J. Conrath (Cornell University), J. C. Pearl (NASA/GSFC), M. D. Smith (Catholic University/GSFC), P. R. Christensen (Arizona State University)
11P.07 MGS TES Results: Characterization of Atmospheric Dust
M. D. Smith, J. C. Pearl (NASA/GSFC), B. J. Conrath (Cornell), P. R. Christensen (Arizona St.)
11P.08 MGS TES Results: Evidence for CO2 Condensation in the Winter North Polar Atmosphere of Mars
J. C. Pearl (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), M. D. Smith (Catholic University of America), B. J. Conrath (Cornell University), P. R. Christensen (Arizona State University)
11P.09 Martian Atmospheric Water Vapor: The 1996-1998 Apparition
E. S. Barker (McDonald Obs., Univ. of Texas at Austin)
11P.10 Identification and mapping of water ice clouds in the Martian atmosphere
L. K. Tamppari, R. W. Zurek (JPL), D. A. Paige (UCLA)
11P.11 Ultraviolet Observations of Ozone in the Martian Atmosphere: Summer/Fall 1997 and Winter/Spring 1992-3
Michael J. Wolff (SSI), R. Todd Clancy (SSI), U. J. Sofia (Whitman College), Barbara A. Whitney (Prism Computational Sciences)
11P.12 On Mars' Mean Atmospheric Thermal Structure: Sensitivity to Dust Loading, Net Diabatic Heating, and the Overturning (Hadley) Circulation
J. L. Hollingsworth (SJSUF/NASA Ames), R. M. Haberle (NASA Ames), J. Schaeffer (Raytheon Co.)
11P.13 4-D Variational Assimilation of Mars Global Surveyor Meteorological Observations
H. Houben (Space Physics Research Institute)
11P.14 Chaotic Oscillations of the Martian Atmospheric Circulation.
A. A. Pankine, A. P. Ingersoll (Caltech)
11P.15 Mixing height of the Martian ABL - preliminary model results
A.-M. Harri (Finnish Meteorological Institute), A. Petrosyan (Russian Space Research Institute)
11P.16 Comparative Studies of the Thermospheres of Mars and Venus
S. Engel, S. W. Bougher (LPL/Univ. of Arizona)
11P.17 A Mars Riometer
C.D. Fry (Exploration Physics International), T.J. Rosenberg, L. Lutz, D.L. Detrick, A.T. Weatherwax (IPST, U. MD), E. Knouse, H. Breden (Phys. Dept., U. MD), J. Giganti (Data Design Corp.)
11P.18 Optical Properties and Radiative Heating Effects of Dust Suspended in the Martian Atmosphere
K.J. Snook (Stanford University \& NASA Ames), C. P. McKay (NASA Ames), O. B. Toon (Univ Colorado), B. J. Cantwell (Stanford University)

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