DPS Meeting, Madison, October 1998
Session 48. Venus
Contributed Oral Parallel Session, Friday, October 16, 1998, 9:00-9:40am, Madison Ballroom C

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[48.02] Structure of the Mesosphere of Venus from the reanalized Venera 15 IR-spectrometry data

L.V. Zasova, V.I. Moroz, N.I. Ignatiev, I.V. Khatountsev (IKI RAS)

The results of IR-spectromerty on board VENERA-15 have been reanalyzed. The new data concerned temperature, aerosol, water vapor and thermal zonal wind profiles have been obtained and the latitudinal and local time related variations have been investigated. The cyclostrophic zonal wind fields show the presence of mid-latitudinal jet which changes its position with solar time, so that its altitude and wind speed are correlated and indicated the conservation of angular momentum. The connection between altitude of jet and its velocity shows the flux conservation. The wind velocity in the midlatitudinal jet is correlated with temperature inversion in the "cold collar". The low-latitudinal jet (at about 80 km near 20 deg.) is also connected with inversion in temperature profile observed there.

The author(s) of this abstract have provided an email address for comments about the abstract: zasova@irn.iki.rssi.ru

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