DPS Meeting, Madison, October 1998
Session 54. Io, Callisto, and Ganymede II
Contributed Oral Parallel Session, Friday, October 16, 1998, 2:50-4:10pm, Madison Ballroom C

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[54.02] HST NICMOS Images of Io in Jupiter's Shadow

J. D. Goguen (JPL/Caltech), A. Lubenow, A. Storrs (STScI)

The image on the left is an HST NICMOS image acquired while Io was in Jupiter's shadow on 7/19/98 at 14:44 UT. This 224 second exposure (NIC1, F145M filter, 0.043 arcseconds/pixel, Io diameter 1.144 arcseconds) of Io's Jupiter-facing hemisphere shows thermal emission from numerous hot spots. Each discreet bright spot is an active volcano on Io. The image on the right is a Voyager-based map of Io projected at the same scale and orientation. North on Io is 47\circ clockwise from the vertical in each image. The dotted circle in the NICMOS image shows the outline of Io's disk when the brightest source is matched with the known eruption at Loki Patera. The bright and double source at the upper left of the image is in the vicinity of Kanehekili. These images cover the opposite hemisphere of Io than is best seen during many of the Galileo encounters. The full data set includes 2\mum polarimetry to look for compositional heterogeneity among the hot spots (HST Program 7319). Latitude and longitude, temperature and area determined from the 1.45 and 2.0\mum radiometry, and preliminary results on the index of refraction for each separable source will be the focus of this presentation.

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