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Session 78 - X-ray Binaries.
Oral session, Thursday, June 11

[78.05] VLA Radio Images and Spectral Evolution for the April 1, 1998 Outburst of XTE J0421+560 (= CI Cam)

R. M. Hjellming, A. J. Mioduszewski, F. Ghigo, M. P. Rupen (NRAO), E. B. Waltman (NRL)

The strong X-ray outburst of of a new X-ray transient named XTE J0421+560 began March 31, 1998, and peaked at an X-ray flux of 2 Crab on April 1. Beginning on April 1 extensive observations began with the VLA, the VLBA, the GBI, and other radio, optical, and X-ray instruments. The identification of XTE J0421+560 with the symbiotic star CI Cam was made by Hjellming and Mioduszewski (IAUC 6857) on the basis of coincidence of position inside the RXTE error region (IAUC 6857), and rapid radio variability (IAUC 6862). In this paper the evolution of radio light curves, radio spectra, and VLA images for this highly unusual outburst are reported and analyzed. A determination of kinematic parameters of twin-jets will be presented, based on a sequence of VLA images from April 3 to April 9 which show S-symmetric, corkscrew-like ejection qualitatively similar to SS433.

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