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Session 73 - Spiral Galaxies.
Oral session, Thursday, June 11

[73.04] Near Infrared Brackett Gamma Imaging and Spectroscopy of Nearby Spiral Galaxies

L. V. Jones, R. J. Elston (University of Florida)

We will present, for a small sample of galaxies, Brackett Gamma (Br\gamma, \lambda = 2.1650 \mum) imaging and spectroscopy. We will compare these data with other, H\alpha (\lambda = 0.6563 \mum) and FIR (40\mum - 100\mum), data to determine whether Br\gamma is a good indicator of star formation in galaxies and to determine whether FIR is powered uniquely by young stars. Our data indicate that Br\gamma is a superior indicator of star formation.

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