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Session 68 - Degenerate Stars, Pulsars.
Display session, Thursday, June 11
Atlas Ballroom,

[68.02] Using Chaos to Test Pulsar Emission Models

T. DeLaney, J. C. Weatherall (New Mexico Inst. of Mining and Tech.)

We search for evidence of a chaotic attractor in data from the Crab pulsar and in a coherent turbulent plasma model for pulsar emission. Both the model and the observational data are tested using the method of time delays to reconstruct an attractor and the method of Grassberger and Procaccia to compute its dimension. The analysis is an attempt to compare theory with observation. The plasma model clearly shows a low-dimensional attractor while there is no evidence for chaos in any of the pulsar data. A definitive test will require pulsar data of extremely high time resolution.

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