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Session 67 - Stars: Evolution, Atmospheres, Intrinsic.
Display session, Thursday, June 11
Atlas Ballroom,

[67.10] HD 196944 : A Carbon and s-Process Rich, Very Metal-Poor Star

W. J. Schuster (Observatorio Astronomico Nacional, UNAM), L. Zacs (Ventspils Int. Radio Astron. Center, Latvia), P. E. Nissen (Inst. Physics and Astron., Univ. of Aarhus, Denmark)

High resolution, high S/N spectra and an LTE abundance analysis are used to examine the post-AGB candidate star HD 196944. The spectroscopic analysis gives T_eff = 5250 K, \log g = 1.7 (cgs), and \xi_t = 1.9 km/s, corresponding to a G2-5 (bright) giant. A low iron abundance, [Fe/H] = -2.45, is derived, and this, together with the star's kinematics, indicates that HD 196944 belongs to the halo population. With [C/Fe] = +1.4, [O/Fe] = +1.1 and a mean s-process overabundance of [s/Fe] = +1.1, its peculiar atmospheric composition is confirmed. Alternative evolutionary states for HD 196944 are discussed.

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