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Session 67 - Stars: Evolution, Atmospheres, Intrinsic.
Display session, Thursday, June 11
Atlas Ballroom,

[67.08] The BRIGHTEST STARS: A Revision of the RASC Observer's Handbook Table

R. F. Garrison, B. Beattie (DDO, UToronto)

THE BRIGHTEST STARS section of the OBSERVER'S HANDBOOK, published annually by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, contains fundamental data for the 314 stars brighter than V=3.55 magnitudes. The magnitudes, colors, parallaxes, proper motions and radial velocities are taken from the literature. However, the MK spectral types are confirmed or determined by Garrison. New CCD spectra are compared with existing data and types to ensure consistency with a set of primary MK standards. A few minor revisions are made. HIPPARCOS data are used for the determination of absolute magnitudes and distances, resulting in several major and many minor revisions. Some of the more interesting examples are discussed.

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