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Session 67 - Stars: Evolution, Atmospheres, Intrinsic.
Display session, Thursday, June 11
Atlas Ballroom,

[67.02] Properties of Low-Mass Stars from Broadband Photometry

P. C. Dawson (Trent University), C. A. P. Krawchuk, M. M. De Robertis (York University)

A consistent scheme for deriving effective surface temperatures and metallicities of low-mass (less than 0.6 solar masses) stars using broadband photometry and the most recent (NextGen) model atmospheres of Allard et al.(1997) is presented. Temperatures and metallicities inferred for YY Gem, CM Dra, and a sample of low-metallicity halo objects are compared with those obtained using the previous version of Allard's model atmospheres (Allard and Hauschild 1995). It appears that the NextGen models lead to systematically lower temperatures. In addition, we discuss an extension of the method to estimate directly radii and masses of low-mass stars both within a cluster environment and in the field.

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