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Session 66 - Galaxies.
Display session, Thursday, June 11
Atlas Ballroom,

[66.15] Multi-band Observations of the Local Group Starburst Galaxy IC 10

D. B. Zucker, P. W. Hodge (University of Washington)

The Local Group galaxy IC 10 contains a remarkable number of Wolf-Rayet stars for a galaxy its size -- at least twice the density of such stars seen in any other Local Group galaxy -- suggesting that it is the site of ongoing starburst activity. However, until recently IC 10 has not been the subject of extensive study because of its low galactic latitude (b\sim -3^\circ) and consequent high reddening (E(B-V) \sim 0.8).

As part of a multi-wavelength study of IC 10 and its star formation activity, we have obtained deep U, B, V, and I images of IC 10 with the ARC 3.5m telescope. From these images we have constructed a map of the reddening and extinction along the line of sight to IC 10 which shows considerable variation on scales as small as 10\arcsec. Based on this map, we have created reddening- and extinction-corrected images of IC 10, which we have used to analyze the galaxy's morphology at different wavelengths.

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