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Session 66 - Galaxies.
Display session, Thursday, June 11
Atlas Ballroom,

[66.06] Morphology of the Barred Spiral Galaxy 2903

A. Dosaj (SAO)

In this study I present the morphology of the barred spiral galaxy NGC 2903. CCD images were obtained in the BVR optical and JH near infrared (NIR) bands at Mount Laguna Observatory. NGC 2903 is classified as a SAB(rs)bc galaxy. The bar in NGC 2903 is evident in all the optical and NIR images, but is most evident in the NIR. Its profiles suggest that it has a flat bar morphology consistent with other early type galaxies. NGC 2903 is also classified as a hot spot galaxy. This morphology is explained by both the accelerated star formation rate in the nucleus and the presence of a lot of gas and dust. Extinction is responsible for the splotchy appearance of the galaxy. The structure of the nuclear region does smooth out as it is observed at longer wavelengths, indicating that there is less extinction due to gas and dust. I studied the ring classification of NGC 2903 and theoretical fits to the resonance rings. Not all resonances are present, but I was able to detect the Outer Lindblad Resonance, Corotation, and the inner 4:1 resonance. I was also able to detect an inner bar by measuring the change in the position angle of isophotal ellipses of the nuclear region.

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