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Session 46 - Interstellar Scattering and Scintillation as Tools in Radio Astronomy.
Topical, Oral session, Tuesday, June 09

[46.12] Anisotropic Interstellar Scattering Towards The Cygnus Region

K. M. Desai (NRAO), A. L. Fey (USNO)

We have observed several extragalactic sources seen towards the Cygnus region. These sources are angularly broadened by radio-wave scattering due to interstellar turbulence. The angular broadening is anisotropic and the anisotropy seems to be frequency independent. We report on attempts to measure the power law index, the inner scale, and refractive effects in these data. We also discuss the implications of these measurements for the form of the turbulence spectrum.

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