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Session 43 - Gamma-ray Burst Counterparts and Afterglows.
Display session, Tuesday, June 09
Atlas Ballroom,

[43.13] The Ulysses Supplement to the BATSE 4B Catalog of Cosmic Gamma-Ray Bursts

K. Hurley (UC Berkeley), M. S. Briggs, R. M. Kippen (University of Alabama in Huntsville), C. Kouveliotou, C. Meegan, G. Fishman (NASA Marshall Space Flight Center), T. Cline (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), M. Boer (CESR)

We present Interplanetary Network localization information for 370 gamma-ray bursts in the 4th BATSE catalog, obtained by analyzing the arrival times of these bursts at the Ulysses and Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory spacecraft. For any given burst observed by these two spacecraft, arrival time analysis (or "triangulation") results in an annulus of possible arrival directions whose width varies between 7 arcseconds and 10's of arcminutes, depending on the intensity and time history of the burst, and the distance of the Ulysses spacecraft from Earth. This annulus generally intersects the BATSE error circle, resulting in an average reduction of the error box area of a factor of 30.

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