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Session 43 - Gamma-ray Burst Counterparts and Afterglows.
Display session, Tuesday, June 09
Atlas Ballroom,

[43.12] The Non-triggered Supplement to the BATSE Gamma Ray Burst Catalogs

J. M. Kommers, W. H. G. Lewin (MIT), C. Kouveliotou (USRA/MSFC), J. van Paradijs, G. N. Pendleton (UAH), C. A. Meegan, G. J. Fishman (NASA/MSFC)

The detection of gamma ray bursts (GRBs) and other transients with BATSE is controlled by a real-time burst detection (or ``trigger'') system running onboard the spacecraft. Over 6500 transients have activated the onboard burst trigger during the >7 years of the mission, including over 2100 GRBs. We have searched 6 years of archival continuous data from BATSE to identify transients that did not\/ activate the onboard burst trigger. Examples of these ``non-triggered'' events include faint GRBs, solar flares, activity from soft gamma repeaters (SGRs), and bursts and flares from X-ray binaries. We present preliminary results regarding the non-triggered GRBs. Our search is sensitive to GRBs that have peak fluxes a factor of \sim 2 lower than those detected by the onboard burst trigger. Our catalog of non-triggered\/ GRBs will extend the number of gamma ray bursts detected with BATSE by 30 to 40%.

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