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Session 42 - Structure and Evolution of The Universe.
Display session, Tuesday, June 09
Atlas Ballroom,

[42.01] Constraining the Hottest Temperature Component of A754 with RXTE

A. Valinia (NASA/GSFC/NRC), M. J. Henriksen (U. North Dakota), R. F. Mushotzky (NASA/GSFC), M. Loewenstein (NASA/GSFC/UMD), K. Roettiger (U.Missouri), G. M. Madejski (NASA/GSFC/UMD)

A754 was observed with RXTE PCA and HEXTE (2-250 keV combined bandpass) in order to 1) constrain the hottest temperature component of its intracluster medium, and 2) find evidence for non-thermal emission from the cluster. From previous observations, there is ample evidence that A754 is the result of a merger event. A super hot component of the gas is expected to exist as a result of hydrodynamical processes such as shocks. We present our results and discuss their implications.

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