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Session 41 - RXTE Diagnostics of Active Galactic Nuclei.
Display session, Tuesday, June 09
Atlas Ballroom,

[41.01] Spectral Variability in NGC 3227 Observed by RXTE

A. Ptak (CMU), T. Yaqoob (NASA/GSFC)

NGC 3227 was observed over an \sim 90 hour period by RXTE resulting in \sim 36 hours of good exposure time (the best-sampled light curve in the 2-10 keV bandpass to date). The flux in the 2-20 keV bandpass was observed to vary significantly throughout the observation. Spectral variability is also observed on ks time scales, in the sense that the spectrum softens as the flux increases. An Fe-K line at 6.4 keV with an equivalent width of \sim 200 eV is detected in the time-averaged spectrum, consistent with ASCA results. The results of detailed analysis of the light curves and time-resolved spectra will be presented, with emphasis on to what extent the spectral variability may be due to occultation events as opposed to intrinsic variability in the slope of the continuum.

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