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Session 40 - The Interstellar Medium.
Display session, Tuesday, June 09
Atlas Ballroom,

[40.10] The Distance to the High Galactic Latitude Molecular Clouds MBM 23-24 and G192-67

C. E. Grant, D. N. Burrows (Penn State University)

We report on distance determinations to two high Galactic latitude clouds, MBM 23-24 and G192-67. No distance determination exists in the literature for either cloud. Thirty-four early type stars were observed towards the two clouds, more than half of which have parallaxes measured by the Hipparcos satellite. The remaining stars have spectroscopic distance estimates. The data consist of high resolution echelle spectra centered on the Na I D lines, and were obtained over six nights at the Coude Feed telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory. Interstellar absorption lines were detected towards some of the stars, enabling estimates of the distances to the clouds. The cloud complex MBM23-24 has three velocity components which are not completely spatially coincident, while G192-67 has a single velocity component. Both clouds seem to be local objects situated at or near the edge of the Local Hot Bubble.

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