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Session 40 - The Interstellar Medium.
Display session, Tuesday, June 09
Atlas Ballroom,

[40.05] The Structure of Faint, High-latitude, Warm Ionized Gas

P. J. Hentges, P. R. McCullough (U. of Illinois)

We present continuum-subtracted H-alpha scans along the celestial equator with a field of view of 3 degrees by 100 degrees and a resolution of 0.4 arcminutes. To accomplish this with good photometric stability and calibration, we used a stationary 195 mm lens with a thinned CCD operating in drift-scanning mode. The H-alpha and R-band scans span the range of right ascension from 11 to 18 hours, corresponding to galactic latitudes 10 to 60 degrees. We quantify the structure of the ionized gas and compare it to that of other constituents of the interstellar medium.

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