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Session 37 - X-ray Clusters: Implications for Cosmology.
Display session, Tuesday, June 09
Atlas Ballroom,

[37.07] Detection and Analysis of Sources in X-Ray Galaxy Clusters

D. D. Smith, M. Henriksen (U. North Dakota)

We performed a wavelet analysis of ROSAT X-ray images of 5 galaxy clusters (A1367, A1837, A500, A514, and A133) to study structure in clusters which exhibit an irrelgular optical morphology. The wavelet analysis shows that extended sources are present on scales ranging from galaxies to subcluster emission. Extended X-ray sources which do not have counterparts in the optical and radio catalogs or on the digital sky survey are common to all clusters. The radial distribution of these sources is peaked at the cluster center suggesting that they are gas removed by a stripping process which is stronger in the central region of the cluster: tidal stripping by the cluster gravitational potential or ram pressure by the intracluster gas.

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