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Session 36 - Active Galactic Nuclei.
Display session, Tuesday, June 09
Atlas Ballroom,

[36.12] Ionized Gas Structures in the Centers of Nearby Early-Type Galaxies

T. Glassman, M. Malkan (UCLA Astronomy)

We have HST images of seven early-type galaxies (NGC2328, NGC2640, NGC3718, NGC4036, NGC4111, NGC5084, and NGC5846) in H\alpha emission and optical continuum. We compared their emission line structures to other aspects of the galaxies that we found in the literature such as nuclear type, Hubble type, size, group membership and radio, X-ray, 21 cm, and 60 \mu m luminosities. The main point of the project, however, was to look in the centers of the galaxies to find emission line disks whose rotation could be measured. We have found such structures in five of the seven galaxies and will follow these up with spectroscopy. These structures range from simple edge-on and face-on disks to complex filaments, bubbles and clumps. The spectra will give us the doppler shifts of the rotating gas and therefore dynamical estimates of the central masses of the galaxies.

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