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Session 36 - Active Galactic Nuclei.
Display session, Tuesday, June 09
Atlas Ballroom,

[36.10] A Study of ``Companions'' around Seyfert and Normal Galaxies

M. M. De Robertis (York U.), M. L. VanDalfsen (McMaster U.)

The properties of galaxies associated with a sample of CfA Seyfert galaxies and a control sample of ``normal'' galaxies matched in redshift, luminosity and overall morphology are presented. In particular, the distributions of relative companion frequency, projected separation (from the host), angular distribution, apparent magnitude difference from the host, and maximal tidal influence are found to be similar in both samples. The frequency of ``morphological disturbances'' (bars, rings and distortions) between the hosts of the Seyfert and control galaxies is also found to be rather similar within uncertainties.

There does not appear to be any obvious correlation between nuclear activity and host-galaxy properties or the properties of the local environment. Implications for the origin of activity are discussed.

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