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Session 35 - Proposed Instruments and Programs.
Display session, Tuesday, June 09
Atlas Ballroom,

[35.02] Science with the Keck Interferometer

G. Vasisht, G. T. van Belle, A. F. Boden, M. M. Colavita, S. Crawford, P. Swanson, J. K. Wallace (JPL), J. Walker, P. Wizinowich (CARA)

As part of both the Origins program and an overall general interferometry effort, NASA is in the process of building the Keck Interferometer. The project, being carried out by JPL and CARA, will link the two 10m Kecks together as a single instrument, in addition to adding four 1.8m telescope at the site. Four major science projects are envisioned with the interferometer: 1) Direct detection and spectroscopy of warm (T > 600K) Jupiters; 2) Characterization of exo-zodical shells about stars; 3) Astrometric detection of gas giants down to Uranus mass; 4) High-resolution imaging of young stellar objects and their circumstellar disks. These projects, in addition to a discussion of general astrophysical investigations, are presented.

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