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Session 26 - Proto Stars to Supernovae.
Oral session, Monday, June 08

[26.01] SCUBA images of protostellar envelopes

C. J. Chandler, J. S. Richer (MRAO, Cambridge, UK)

Models of early protostellar evolution predict that the infall envelopes which surround forming protostars should have density distributions falling off as r^-1.5 or r^-2. In a few cases these steep density profiles have been observed, but in others both the intensity profiles of the dust emission from the envelope, and dust spectral energy distributions, suggest that flatter density profiles can better explain the observations. Here we present the results of deep, multi-wavelength, submillimeter imaging of the protostellar envelopes around 8 Class 0/I protostars in the Taurus and Perseus molecular clouds. The data are used to investigate evolutionary trends in circumstellar density distributions, and to compare the properties of protostellar envelopes in both star forming regions.

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