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Session 17 - CMB Radiation, Cosmology and Gravity.
Oral session, Monday, June 08

[17.04] Global Cosmological Parameters Determined Using Radio Sources

R. A. Daly, E. J. Guerra, L. Wan (Dept. of Physics, Princeton U.)

Powerful classical double radio sources may be used to determine global cosmological parameters. Current results, obtained using a sample of radio galaxies with redshifts between zero and two, show that the universe has a low mean mass density. That is, a flat matter-dominated universe with Omega equal to one is ruled out with 97.5 percent confidence. The radio data and method used to obtain this result will be presented and discussed.

In addition to using the sources to study cosmology, they can be used to study evolution of structure, including the merger rate of galaxies in the cores of clusters of galaxies as a function of redshift, and the evolution of the density, temperature, and pressure of the gas in clusters of galaxies with redshift. These results will also be discussed.

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