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Session 17 - CMB Radiation, Cosmology and Gravity.
Oral session, Monday, June 08

[17.03] Limits on CMB Anisotropy from Point Sources

E. Gawiser, A. Jaffe, J. Silk (U. C. Berkeley)

Using basic physical principles and recent observational results, we derive upper and lower limits on microwave anisotropy from point sources over the range of frequencies 10-1000 GHz. We examine the level of noise in the observations as a possible indication of source confusion at subarcminute scales. We derive a robust upper limit on CMB foreground anisotropy caused by sources responsible for the Far-Infrared Background radiation detected in FIRAS data. Our upper limit on point source confusion is \Delta T / T = 2 \times 10 ^-5 for a 10' beam at 100 GHz. It appears likely that point source confusion will limit the ability of future CMB anisotropy observations to measure the damping tail of the radiation power spectrum.

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