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Session 16 - QSOs and Active Galaxies.
Oral session, Monday, June 08

[16.01] AGN Broad Emission Lines from Magneto-Centrifugally Driven Winds

J. Chiang (NRL), N. Murray (CITA)

We study the formation of AGN broad emission lines in the magneto-centrifugally driven wind model of Emmering, Blandford amp; Shlosman (1992). In contrast to previous work (Bottorff et al.\ 1997), we use a photoionization code (CLOUDY) to compute the ionization structure and line emissivity in the wind assuming that it consists of a smooth outflow rather than a large number of high density clouds. Similar to the radiatively driven disk-wind model of Murray et al.\ (1995), large velocity gradients in a magnetically driven wind will cause optically thick lines such as C\sc iv to be strongly anisotropic. This will have a significant impact on the shape of the resulting broad emission lines. We compare emission line profile shapes, reverberation mapping response and broad absorption line shapes for the two models and discuss observational tests for discriminating between them.

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