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Session 15 - The Sun and Solar Wind.
Display session, Monday, June 08
Atlas Ballroom,

[15.02] An All-Sky Coronal Camera on Solar Probe: A Global View of our Nearest Star's Atmosphere

A. Buffington, B. V. Jackson, P. Hick (CASS/UCSD)

NASA's proposed Solar Probe mission will provide an opportunity to directly view material in the atmosphere of our nearest star: the Sun. The Probe is designed to transit both solar poles and approach about as close as currently feasible: within about 4 solar radii. Onboard instruments will directly sample the particle composition near the spacecraft and view the solar poles from its nearby perspective. UCSD's newly developed lightweight light-baffling and very wide-angle optical systems permit viewing Thompson-scattered sunlight over nearly the whole sky around the spacecraft to within a few degrees of the solar disk. The fly-by's varying perspective will enable a 3-dimensional coronal reconstruction having unprecedented detail. These observations from within the acceleration region should greatly refine our understanding of coronal material propagation.

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