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Session 13 - Surveys, SETI and Pollution.
Display session, Monday, June 08
Atlas Ballroom,

[13.07] SERENDIP - UC Berkeley SETI Program - Status Report

S. Airieau, W. Albert, D. Anderson, S. Bowyer, J. Cobb, D. Kakasu, M. Lampton, M. Lebovski, D. Werthimer (Space Sciences Lab, UC Berkeley), D. Ng (Neomagic)

Since 1992, SERENDIP (Search for Extraterrestrial Radio Emissions from Nearby Developed Intelligent Populations) has been conducting a SETI sky survey at the NAIC Arecibo Observatory. Data acquisition is continuous (24 hours per day), and we typically collect high quality data during 70of telescope observations. In May 1997, a new spectrometer (SERENDIP IV) was installed. This broadened the search band from 12 MHz to 200 MHz. Results from 1992 through 1998 are correlated with positions of known extrasolar planets as well as nearby stars that could harbor planetary systems. This poster also presents observing techniques, analysis, and RFI rejection methods.

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