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Session 12 - Binary Stars.
Display session, Monday, June 08
Atlas Ballroom,

[12.10] The "Cool Algol" BD+05 706 : Photometric observations of a new eclipsing double-lined spectroscopic binary

L. A. Marschall (Gettysburg College), G. Torres (Harvard-Smithsonian Center For Astrophysics), R. Neuhauser (Max-Planck-Institut fur Extraterrestrische Physik)

BVRI Observations of the star BD+05 706, carried out between January, 1997, and April 1998 using the 0.4m reflector and Photometrics CCD camera at the Gettysburg College Observatory, show that the star is an eclipsing binary system with a light curve characteristic of a class of semi-detached binaries known as the "cool Algols". These results are in good agreement with the previous report of BD+05 706 as a cool Algol by Torres, Neuhauser, and Wichmann,(Astron. J., 115, May 1998) who based their classification on the strong X-ray emission detected by Rosat and on a series of spectroscopic observations of the radial velocities of both components of the system obtained at the Oak Ridge Observatory, the Fred L. Whipple Observatory, and the Multiple Mirror Telescope. Only 10 other examples of cool Algols are known, and the current photometric light curve, together with the radial velocity curves obtained previously, allows us to derive a complete solution for the physical parameters of each component, providing important constraints on models for these interesting systems.

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