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Session 10 - Interstellar Medium and Star Formation.
Display session, Monday, June 08
Atlas Ballroom,

[10.12] OVRO and JCMT Observations of Massive Star Forming Regions

J. M. Carpenter (Caltech)

I present preliminary results of a single dish (JCMT) and interferometric (OVRO) survey of the molecular gas and dust content in massive star forming regions. The aggregate properties of the dense cores harboring the embedded massive stars are being quantified using JCMT spectral line maps (C^18O J=2-1 and CS J=7-6) and SCUBA continuum observations (\lambda 850\mum). The OVRO observations include (C^18O J=1-0, ^13CO J=1-0, and \lambda3 mm continuum), and are being used to investigate the kinematics of molecular gas near the embedded stars at \sim 2--3'' angular resolution. Specifically, these observations will establish if the rapidly rotating cloud cores that have previously been reported toward a few compact HII regions are a general property of massive star forming regions. Results for three sources (NGC281, W75N, and W75S) will be presented.

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