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Session 9 - High-Energy Phenomena.
Display session, Monday, June 08
Atlas Ballroom,

[9.04] The Rabbit and the Kookaburra: ATCA Images of GeV 1417-6100

M. S. E. Roberts, R. W. Romani (Stanford U.), S. Johnston (RCFTA/U. Sydney)

We present observations at 13cm and 20cm made with the Australia Telescope Compact Array of the plerion candidate in the error box of the \gamma-ray source GeV 1417-6100 (2EGS J1418-6049). These images reveal a non-thermal, rabbit-shaped enhancement associated with an extended hard X-ray source seen with ASCA. This is at the edge of an unusual shell structure; the shell has broad wing-like extensions, also with associated diffuse X-ray emission. We present results of spectral and polarization studies, describe the compact sources in the images, and comment on the possibility of the Rabbit being a plerion hosting a radio-quiet \gamma-ray pulsar.

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