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Session 7 - Microlensing.
Display session, Monday, June 08
Atlas Ballroom,

[7.02] Keck Spectroscopy of the Einstein Cross HST 14176+5226

L. A. Moustakas, M. Davis (U. of California, Berkeley)

We have used LRIS on Keck II to obtain high-quality spectroscopic data on the Einstein Cross lens HST 14176+5226. We confirm that the system consists of a foreground elliptical at z=0.811 and a lensed object at z=3.4. A mass estimate for the elliptical is made using absorption lines that are sampled at high signal-to-noise, and compared with the inferred mass based on a best-fit lensing model for the system. Based on the combined imaging amp; spectroscopic data and the gravitational-lens modeling, we explore the possibility that the lensed object is a starburst galaxy at z=3.4.

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