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Session 6 - Novae and Supernovae.
Display session, Monday, June 08
Atlas Ballroom,

[6.06] A Light Curve Analysis of the Cataclysmic Variable AY Psc

H. J. Leckenby, J. B. Rafert (Michigan Technological U.)

Photometric data (Szkody, et al, 1989) for the cataclysmic variable AY Psc were analyzed using the Wilson-Devinney differential corrections program. As part of a long term program to model the light curve of CV's with disks, the analysis was done in the same way as an earlier analysis of AR Cnc (Leckenby, Rafert, 1997). Part of this analysis includes the development of a geometrical model of an accretion disk to remove the light due to the disk from the observed light curve. The three light curves (One in B and two in V) were studied to obtain a consistent set of geometrical and astrophysical parameters results which provided the best weighted least-squares fit to the data. Free parameters included inclination (i), the temperature of the secondary (T2), potential of the primary (Omega-1), mass ratio (q), luminosity of the primary (L1) and third light (l3). Physical conditions of the system such as the faintness of the system, and hence the rms variations in the observations, strongly controlled the selection of parameter subsets in the differential corrections sequence.

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