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Session 6 - Novae and Supernovae.
Display session, Monday, June 08
Atlas Ballroom,

[6.01] Spectra of Selected Galactic Novae (II)

P. Zhao, J. E. McClintock (SAO), G. J. Sobczak (HCO)

In 1993 we started a program to search for new, quiescent black-hole X-ray novae (BHXN), which relies solely on optical data. Our search is based on the similarities between the light curves of the optical counterparts of BHXN and the light curves of classical novae, and also on certain distinctive spectral features of BHXN (e.g., the absence if He II 4686 and other high excitation lines).

We have completed our survey of 90 objects selected from Duerbeck's catalog of 277 galactic novae^1. We obtained spectra at \sim 3--4 Å\ resolution using the MMT for the northern objects and the CTIO Blanco 4 m telescope for the southern objects. Among the 90 objects observed, 34 of them are confirmed to have nova spectra. At the 191st AAS meeting, we presented 21 nova spectra taken with the MMT. In this paper we present the remaining 13 nova spectra taken with the CTIO 4 m telescope. In many cases, these are the first good quality spectra to be obtained since outburst.

\vspace0.1in ^1 Duerbeck, H. W. 1987, ``A reference Catalogue and Atlas of Galactic Novae'', Reidel Publishing Co.

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