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Session 3 - Astronomy Teachers' Workshop I.
Education, Oral session, Sunday, June 07

[3.01] Hands-on Astronomy in the Classroom: Good Teaching Ideas for Middle School, High School and Introductory College Teachers

D. Duncan (U. Chicago), A. Fraknoi, M. Bennett (ASP)

This workshop is designed to assist middle and high school teachers and astronomers who work with them or who teach introductory college courses in doing hands-on activities on astronomical topics. We will show the pioneering video, "A Private Universe ," on how students learn (and don't learn) science, and then discuss ways of aligning work in the classroomwith the way students learn best. Applying these ideas, we will work through several hands-on or inquiry-based activities that can be used directly in the classroom at the 7th - 13th (introductory college) grade level. Sample activities will make use of filters and Hubble Space Telescope slides, Doppler balls, Refraction/Reflection, spectra, etc.

Participants will receive a thick package of materials, including instructions for several excellent classroom activities and resources to enhance their teaching of astronomy. Registration is required; see the AAS Education WWW page or email

WORKSHOPS SOLD OUT, unless you beg and plead. -- 27 May 98

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