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Session 2 - Job Hunting Skills & Career Resources.
Employment, Oral session, Sunday, June 07

[2.01] Job Hunting, Introduction

E. Goldin, S. Stringer (AIP)

The AAS is again sponsoring a career workshop for Astronomers seeking employment. The workshop will cover a wide range of tools needed by a job seeker with a background in astronomy. There are increasingly fewer job opportunities in the academic areas. Today, astronomers need placement skills and career information to compete strongly in a more diversified jobs arena. The workshop will offer practical training on preparing to enter the job market. Topics covered include resume and letter writing as well as how to prepare for an interview. Advice is given on resources for jobs in astronomy, statistics of employment and education, and networking strategies. Workshop training also deals with a diverse range of career paths for astronomers.

The workshop will consist of an two approximately three-hour sessions. The first (1-4pm) will be on the placement tools and job-search skills described above. The second session will be for those who would like to stay and receive personalized information on individual resumes, job search problems, and interview questions and practice. The individual appointments with Ed Goldin and Susan Stringer that will take place during the second session (6-9pm) will be arranged on-site during the first session.

A career development and job preparation manual "Preparing Physicists for Work" will be on sale at the workshop for $9.00.

TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION: How to prepare an effective resume How to research prospective employers Interviewing skills Networking to uncover employment Job prospects present and future Traditional and non-traditional positions for astronomers

This workshop will be presented by Ed Goldin and Susan Stringer of the American Institute of Physics. The cost of the workshop is $15.00 which includes a packet of resource materials supporting the workshop presentation. Please send your request for attendance by 8 May 1998 to the Executive Office along with a check, payable to the AAS, for the fee. Credit cards will not be accepted. Preference will be given to AAS members in the event of a large number of registrants.

For further information, contact the AAS Executive Office, 202-328-2010,

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