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Session 97 - Galactic Structure, Galactic Center.
Oral session, Friday, January 09

[97.01] Observations of the Stellar Content of a Northern DIRBE Dark Spot

V. Gorjian, E. L. Wright (UCLA)

We have imaged a northern DIRBE dark spot in an attempt to determine the stellar contribution to the Cosmic Infrared Background (CIBR). The observations were made using the Lick Nickel 1-m telescope and the Lick Infrared Camera. The 2 degree by 2 degree extent of the DIRBE dark spot was mapped at K' to a completeness of 11th magnitude. These observations were supplemented by a more extensive observation of the brightest star in the region from the UCLA 24-inch telescope. The observations are combined with models for the contribution of stars fainter than 11th magnitude to set limits on the CIBR.

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