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Session 92 - Very Young Stars, T-Tauri Stars, H-H Objects.
Oral session, Friday, January 09

[92.07] Multi-band Polarimery of BD+31^\circ643

B.-G. Andersson, (JPL), P. W. Draper, M. S. Scarrott, P. D. Stockdale (University of Durham, UK), P. G. Wannier (JPL), R. D. Wolstencroft (Royal Observatory Edinburgh, UK)

Polarimetry can be a powerful diagnostic of the circumstellar environment of pre-main sequence stars. We present multi-band polarimetry of the B5V binary star system BD+31^\circ643. This star was recently shown by Kalas and Jewitt (1997) to have a circumstellar dust disks, only the second such source ever imaged. Our polarimetry support the existence of the dust disk. The wavelength dependence of the polarimetry requires two terms, one due to polarization from the disk itself and one due to Rayleigh scattered light from the polar regions of the disk. Imaging polarimetry may be used to understand the spatial structure of the circumstellar environment.

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