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Session 89 - Star-forming Galaxies.
Oral session, Friday, January 09
International Ballroom East,

[89.04] A New Catalog of Luminous Far Infrared Galaxies: ISOCAM Results from The ISO/IRAS Faint Galaxy Survey

R. L. Hurt, C. J. Lonsale (IPAC Caltech/JPL), H. E. Smith (UCSD, IPAC Caltech/JPL), D. A. Levine, C. Beichman, G. Helou (IPAC Caltech/JPL)

We present current results for AGNs and starburst galaxies in the ISO-IRAS Faint Galaxy Survey (IIFGS). The goal of the survey is to produce a database of Luminous Far-Infrared Galaxies (LFIRG's) at redshifts of about 0.1--1 to help explore the AGN-starburst relationship, study the cosmological evolution of luminous infrared galaxies, and identify possible protogalaxy candidates. The candidate list of \sim3700 sources has been extracted from the IRAS Faint Source Survey (FSS) using criteria selecting for faint, infrared-bright galaxies. The ISOCAM observations confirm the IRAS detections, yield sensitive 12 \mum fluxes, and provide positions to \sim10^\prime\prime accuracy allowing for unambiguous optical identifications. We are obtaining optical magnitudes and accurate redshifts for identified sources with ground-based observations.

To date, \sim420 fields have been observed by ISO and processed with custom software to identify faint point sources. About 85% of the observed fields have an obvious 12 \mu counterpart to the FSS source. We have obtained \sim60 spectroscopic redshifts for the optical galaxies associated with these counterparts, allowing us to derive luminosities and study properties of LFIRG's across a redshift range of z = 0.1--0.7. Topics discussed include global properties of the ISOCAM sample and physical properties of the current spectroscopic subset.

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