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Session 87 - Large Scale Structure.
Display session, Friday, January 09
Exhibit Hall,

[87.11] The RMS Peculiar Velocity of Clusters

R. Watkins (Dartmouth College)

We study the rms peculiar velocity of clusters as a convenient statistic to put constraints on cosmological models. This statistic is easy to compute theoretically given a model for the power spectrum; we show that with some assumptions it can be directly related to the quantity Ømega_0^0.6\sigma_8. We develop a likelihood method for estimating the rms peculiar velocity of clusters from line-of-sight velocity measurements and their associated errors. We apply our method to two samples of cluster peculiar velocities; a new sample known as the SCI sample and a subsample of the Mark III catalog. Although these two samples initially give results which are inconsistent, we show that they can be put into good agreement by the removal, particularly from the Mark III sample, of a set of clusters with multiple mass concentrations, cluster membership ambiguities, or excessive obscuration, properties which may have introduced unaccounted for errors into measurements of their peculiar velocities. Once these clusters are removed from the samples, they both favor a relatively low value for the 1-D rms peculiar velocity of clusters \sigma_v= 265^+106_-75\rm\ km\ s^-1 (at 90% confidence), leading to the constraint Ømega_0^0.6\sigma_8= 0.44^+0.19_-0.13, consistent with cluster abundance studies but inconsistent with Ømega_0=1 CDM normalized to COBE at the 99.7% confidence level.

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