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Session 87 - Large Scale Structure.
Display session, Friday, January 09
Exhibit Hall,

[87.09] Quasar Clustering on Large Scales

C. B. Hall, C. M. Gaskell (U. Nebraska)

Because of their high luminosities quasars are potentially valuable probes of the large-scale structure of the universe at moderate and high redshifts. However, clustering studies to date have given contradictory results. We present the results of a study of the clustering properties of quasars in well-surveyed regions of the sky. We find that only a few regions are well enough surveyed to produce useful results. By studying the variance of quasar counts in cells (see Andreani et al. 1994, ApJ, 458), which gives a volume average of the correlation function, we find that if there is clustering, it is, at best, only weak. We discuss some effects which can artificially raise the apparent clustering.

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