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Session 87 - Large Scale Structure.
Display session, Friday, January 09
Exhibit Hall,

[87.08] Seeking the Local Convergence Depth

D. A. Dale, R. Giovanelli, M. P. Haynes (Cornell U.), L. E. Campusano (Universidad de Chile), E. Hardy (Laval U.)

We present results of an all-sky observing program designed to improve the quality of the I band Tully-Fisher (TF) relation and to accurately determine the reflex motion of the Local Group with respect to intermediate redshift clusters. We have obtained between 5 and 15 TF measurements per cluster on a sample of 50 clusters with redshifts 0.02 \lesssim z \lesssim 0.08. The data extends the TF study of nearby clusters of Giovanelli et al. (1997); the two data sets are used jointly to establish a cluster inertial reference frame from which peculiar velocities and bulk flow solutions are obtained.

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