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Session 87 - Large Scale Structure.
Display session, Friday, January 09
Exhibit Hall,

[87.05] Higher-Order Correlation Functions and the FIRST Survey

A. Buchalter, M. Kamionkowski (Columbia U.)

The moments of a two-dimensional distribution of sources on the sky can be explicitly obtained by integrating the corresponding projected k-space spectra (known from linear perturbation theory), weighted by appropriate window functions. We derive the results for the normalized skewness of a two-dimensional survey, s_3 = \frac\left\langle\delta_R^3 \right\rangle \left\langle\delta_R^2\right\rangle^ 2, where \delta_R is the overdensity of counts in a window of angular radius R and is biased relative to the overdensity in the underlying mass distribution, \delta_m, via \delta = \sum\frac1k!b_k\delta_ m^k. We incorporate the full dependence of the result for s_3 on Ømega_0 and, as well as the b_1 and b_2 terms in the bias expansion, in addition to the dependence on the index of the power spectrum and the redshift selection function. These results will be compared to the observed values for the VLA FIRST survey, and the resulting constraints will be discussed.

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